Anonymous sent: Hi:) I saw your Black Bonds MEP | Bromance Crack | 8th Project | Part 01 on youtube, and I'm dying to know what song did you use at Antique Bakery scenes, about 2:44. Can you tell me, please? Btw: your videos are awesome! :D


Thank you so much for being so nice <3 you’re really an adorable anon, awww.


Anyway, the part is not mine (I’m xBlackd69 and the one who did it was Naatthaaliie she is totally amazing, so make sure to sub her if you haven’t yet), but the song that was used on it was “Gotta get me some" by nickelback. I hope I’ve being helpful and thank you for supporting our mep <3. I hope you’ll keep looking forward to the projects.

Does Anyone Know Where to Find Bangtan Eng Sub


Ever since BangtanSub was taken down on YouTube I have no idea where to find any of their recent bangtan bombs, interviews, show appearances, etc fully eng subbed anymore…A.R.M.Y. help! ू(ʚ̴̶̷́ .̠ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ ू)

I’m not sure if my PM went through to you and I don’t know if anyone has replied you, so… weell, the old channel of bangtan subs was taken down but they did another channel and they’re re-uploading  old videos and uploading new ones too. Also there is this kind person, who has been translating some of bts’ videos for a while.

I hope I’ve been helpful <3.